Sunday, August 23, 2009

John Hoegen


Got evicted last week by the landlord from Coral Way Largo, Florida



Providence RI, 6th district Court Case ID: 61-1999-12675 - JOHN J HOEGEN Misdemeanor for driving with suspended license.

His cell phone # is 401-651-2272 Say his mother live in Largo. John Hoegen 1999 1999 Graduating class of Johnston High School in Johnston, RI , (

People search show HE IS 29 YEARS OLD, BORN IN 1981


Chepachet, RI 02814) with “F” rating and (3) complaints

B. Rhode Island Contractor Licensing Board list John Hoegen in 2002 as owner of Family Floor (1693 Putnam Pike Chepachet, RI 02814 (401)233-9233 ), registration #19148 that was revoked on 8/19/09, for cancelled Ohio Mutual Group insurance policy #PB0005183 in March 2009.



Contract Dispute

Demand Letters

Final Order



Contract Dispute

Recently Serverd

Final Order



Homeowner Negligent Work

Proposed Order

Proposed Order

C. At 10:00 AM, Troopers arrested John Hoegen, age, 28, of 1693 Putnam Pike, Glocester on an Affidavit / Arrest Warrant out of State Police-Wickford for Obtaining Money Under False Pretenses. Arrest was the result of investigation conducted by Troopers at Wickford Barracks..

D. John Ripoff Hoegen has two more pending claims. He had another hearing yesterday March 25 2009 before the RICRLB. It is not over for him. ... - Similar

Emails about his scam …….

a. He sure is a thrift he took 800.00 dollars from us and was going to do some work for us . my wife is very ill with cancer and we were going to fix down stairs for her . she has a hard time going up & down the stairs. she has to have a kidney out her intestine and breast removed and he took all the money and that was it. my wife was so hurt with all the lies of what he was going to do for her.

b. that little bitch owes me over 500 gonna fuck him up if i ever get my hands on him

im in ri , i worked for him he has black hair bad teeth walks like a goof hair is short middle name is jay for a few weeks he says he is a constible, repos cars and does construction and lays carpet and says he has a tow business.

  1. There is a LONG list on this guy. You cant find out all about him at the Rhode Island Contractors website and My understanding is that this guy operates with a revoked license and no insurance due to homeowners and workers complaints. He is one of those guys that CAN NOT be trusted. Advise: stay away from Family Flooring and John Hoeren all together. I even think there is a lawsuit going on against this guy.

Anyone has a running with him, please let me know.


  1. John 'snaggle-tooth' Hoegen took us for $750 for a fence installation that was only about 10% completed, all of which was done incorrectly. He also sold me cedar stockade, but delivered spruce. A consummate nickel-digging con artist of the worst variety. He also has B.O., and because he's not doing any actual work, I suspect its due to poor hygeine. I've got the board of contractors after him and a civil case pending. Rhody's a small state...

  2. This cocksucker john hoegen is a scared little bitch who runs like the scared thief in the night. I have posted several adds on craigs list in the past and had overwhelming responces.
    The the information I recieved, it was calculated that he scammed people out of over $30,000 in june.
    Judging from his bacteria infested rotten teeth, I speculate he is using crack, either that or hes licking the wrong one. HEy john stop licking alicias crack you sick sick "child"
    In any event, John shitbag hoegen has been doing this for years. spoke to the feds, if anyone has credible info they will arrest him on wire fraud. That means placing adds on craigs list with intent to decieve people.
    Alicia is not his wife, she is just the girlfriend who is in on all his scams with him.
    She tries to play the good tough girl act with her big mouth,but is in on his scams.
    We have been to his house when he lived in johnston. WHAT A DUMP, he lived in filth before destroying the landords apartment.
    His kids were running around in dirty diapers.
    someone needs to call child endangerment, they will find him anywhere he is and take his kids.
    Someone should take them before he ruins their lives as well.
    I was the one who tipped of the police and had him arrested in johnston.
    As far as criminal complaints, there are many.
    Also civil suits.
    Cant hide forever, he will get caught. The rope has been dangling for years, thenoose is already in place. all he needs to do is hang himeself. he will, not literaly, but will get caught andgo to jail. when he does go to jail, he will have many many more court appearances and will do some serious time. This is the type of shitbag thatwould sell his mothers soul for a buck.this is the type of shitbag that would sell the food from his kids mouth to save his ass. HE IS A PIECE OF SHIT

  3. We have found him he is now living in largo florida where he yet ran another scam this time towing business SUPER JAYS TOWING AND RECOVERY where he conned at 66 year old man into fronting money to start this towing business. But stole aprox 26,000 from this man and hired employees 4 and never paid. Not only is this man a crook unless someone has something to nail his ass hes going to get away with it. there is a investigation going but i believe he will be fleeing soon. He is currently living as of last night at 8616 orchid dr largo, fl his cell number is 727-644-9573 home number 727-330-7681. if you can have arrested before i kick his ass great. but im not letting him get away with it. ive read the blogs know how he took a lady with cancer and so on and on. HE NEEDS TO BE STOPPED !!!! IF YOU NEED MORE INFO ON HIM FEEL FREE TO CALL ME AT 727-851-1472 TREV. 12/10/2009

  4. does anyone know john hoegen's correct date of birth, this info is very much needed.

  5. I would like to add that judgement in my case against John Hoegen has been awarded in my favor. He has been ordered to repay the money he stole from me and additional compensation. We'll see if I actually get paid.

  6. Hoegen has been arrested FINALLY!!!!!!! Here's his mug shot - please Gerry post it!


  8. Well he got caught. IT was just a matter of time.. from the arrest record, it looks as if he is also a fugitive...he wont be seeing the sun anytime soon

  9. He was in superior & district court today in Providence. He has 2 $10,ooo surety bails. His accurate DOB is 9/1/80. He rented his Johnston duplex from Laurie Castelli-a proffesional bail bondswoman in RI( last year and she evicted him. Guess he won't be calling her for bail LOLOL

  10. he wont call her for bail. I heard through the grapevine that he trashed her apartment and caused 4,000 worth of damage.

  11. Recently answered an ad on craigslist for a roofer with experience. Got a call from this guy to use my tools and equipment to do a roof at 367 webster ave in cranston. I agreed to do the work took 2- days with 4 other guys he hired. Job was completed then he decided to take the money and not pay the guys who did the work.. It's been three weeks and still chasing him. He gave a false name of his company, and his first name was John not Jay. He told me he never got paid for the work but I personally talked to the primary contractor(JAY was a sub) and The primary contractor assured me he got paid. OSHA is involved as well cause of him trying to force people on the job to work without safety equipment. I finally got his real address 15 Rachela St Johnston RI. and the numbers hes using these days are 996-0424 and 230-7681. I checked with contractors board and his reg was revoked. It's unreal that someone can rip the working guy off and get away with it. I'm hoping the other guys that are chasing their money from this job see this for updated info on him. This guy has been ripping people off since 2008 that i have found online. Type his name into your browser and his name comes up with multiple rip off scams.

  12. hi my name is brian viau and sad to say im the next victim ! but i will not let this guy off..
    he got me through craigs list wanted a carpet installer asap great pay !!! lol i started oct 20 th promissed me work through feb great money i can make he said . i worked 3 days the first week and he told me he would hold me back for 1 week 2nd week 60 hrs i worked that friday he did not show up on the job site and told me he would cath up to me in a couple of hours wellits november 14 th you think he is meeting up !!! he told me his name was jay I MEET UP WITH THE CARPET STORE THAT HIRED HIM AND THEY GAVE ME ALL HIS INFO.. SO DISGUSTING WHAT I HAV BEEN READING AND WHAT HE HAS DONE TO OTHERS HE NEEDS TO GO IN A CELL FOR A LONG TIME I HOPE HE NEVER GETS TO SEE HIS KIDS AGAIN WHAT A FUCKING SCUMBAG AND HIS GIRLFRIEND IS IN ON THIS WTF !!!!!! i want to know his real address he has 3 that i found a new cell which is 1-401-230-7681 , im son pissed at myself for letting my gaurd down never thought this would or could happen if anyone would like to call me or e-mail me feel free 1-781-927-9317 and im not the only one there is 4 other guys from this jobsite as well its awfull we all worked our asses off and got nothing ... something has to be done i believe ij KARMA ! but i need something faster... any new info please put it out i set up a facebook site with his pic search his name and his mugshot will come up enjoy!!!! please feel free to friend me and lets post this in mass and rhode island so maybe this cant happen to anyone else ./... thanks

  13. I worked for him feb.2012 and yes he is doing it in ri. me and 9 other guys have not gotten paid!!!! his new #401-764-0181


    Looks like the Contractor Office has their new address and is prosecuting Allicia too!

    I think I'll file a complaint since it looks like others are having luck getting their money!

    Check the link for his new address:

    1. I'm confused didn't you say in the other blog that you already got money in mass? And this one you said you think your going to file a complaint???!!
      Well......another fucking craigslist looser who got fired cuz they suck and think they are just going to bash their former employer...

  15. They are still running scams. Current address is
    WARWICK, RI 02886

    Report them for whatever they did to rip you off. The cops and the contractors department are very willing to help you. Me and some others got ripped off. We are on track to bring some real problems to these dirtbags!

    email me at for some guidance and we'll team up to bring them down.

    1. Yea look at you probuilder hiding behind a fucking computer can't say who you are but we are supposed to believe what you are saying........NOT!! Get a fucking life!!

  16. His current address as of today is 14 maple st in Johnston RI & his cell is 4012437880.....

  17. Thanks, confirmed it is actually 41 Maple Ave. White house with 2 car detached garage. Tell the cops where he is everyone!

    1. Go to his house if you knowwhere it is a do something about it instead of posting on the internet like a scared little fuckin bitch!!! Ya buddy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Hello everyone, my source also confirmed they are back in Johnston as of sometime in October.

    John Hoegen & Alicia Hanosky
    41 Maple Ave
    Johnston RI

    It is a white ranch house with a white detached 2 car garage.

    I also learned yesterday that John scammed his way into a job with the Providence Housing Authority. We need to contact them and let them know about his past. We believe he has been stealing materials and re-selling on craigslist.

  19. I'm sorry that is correct, 41 maple ave in Johnston RI.... Can some one nail this piece of shit???

    1. Why dnt you go to their house if your so out to get them you pussy!?!?!? I mean youknow the address right!!!??

  20. I believe everthing I read on the internet !!!!!!!!!!
    I'm so smart and cool....I cannot face people in the flesh I have to hide behind a screen.....yippie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. As you can see from F____'s belligerent and defiant replies, these two partners in crime are scum of the lowest order.

    I will personally assist with all the names, emails, forms and phone numbers needed to file a complaint against these individuals. I can give you tips for dealing with the State Police, Contractor's Board, OSHA and Worker's Comp divisions.

    John J. Hoegen: Felon and unlicensed contractor. Makes all the visits and low-balls quotes to get jobs he has no intention of performing.

    Alicia M. Hanosky: Mother of 3, runs the scams from home and misappropriates money through her now defunct company United Flooring Contractors. She is in charge of the operation.

    Contact me and I will do everything I can to assist.

    Strike while this is hot, they are evicted about every 3 months and are likely searching for a new place now that their cover is blown. You probably have 2-3 weeks before they are on the lam again.

  22. Also, I will personally donate the $25.00 filing fee for the first 5 individuals who need to follow through with the Contractor's Board. I will email you all appropriate documents and mail you certified funds. You will be amazed at the service they provide to good contractors like us.

    As a long-time member of the industry, I hope we can partner to make these two individuals stop. I want to help you.

  23. UPDATE!

    I just spoke with a friend. Alicia just got DESTROYED in court today. If you are following all of her growing list of cases they are at the link below. She was forced to bring money orders and pay all of what she owed up front to these people in exchange for a plea.

    I repeat: File a complaint with your local police or the Attorney General's office and they WILL seek justice. Alicia is now linked directly to that scammer Jay Hoegen and the odds are in our favor.

    She is also in an Aduct Diversion Program so don't just let them steal your money- FIGHT BACK AND WIN!

    1. Click this link

    2. Search for "Hanosky" and you will see Alicia's growing list of cases including a FELONY.

  24. Now that the wonderful State of RI will no longer assist in collecting money stolen from us by the criminal actions of John Hoegen due to his probation ending, RI tells us to proceed with a civil suit. Has anyone tried this and been successful? I imagine a winning case in small claims court would not mean any money being recovered from Hoegen as he would claim inability to pay. Justice for all......yeah, right.

  25. I am Victor a worker he took for 79 hrs of work in a week. totaling to $1,475. I which never was paid I had been following the progress of this blog. THANK YOU!!!!!! I would have left it be if I had not stumbled along this site. I am currently having a trial with John (Hoe)gen and Alicia hanosky. wish me luck because this scumbag thinks he`s not responsible.

  26. Go get him Victor! We are all standing behind you. I got taken for a ride on a landscaping job with the name "Jay Hanosky" and am pursuing criminal charges with the help of my attorney.

    A word to the wise, go straight to the cops and file a police report so there is a record.

  27. These white trash losers lived near me in my neighborhood in florida, ripped off a local guy with a service truck towing scam. Nice older man, too bad it happened to him.

    to me it looks like, he ran away from the law with his wife and kids and promised them a good life in sunny Largo. Now he has thrown it all away and his family will live in constant stress for the rest of their miserable lives. frankly serves them right, good riddance from my neighborhood!!